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Do you want to join Real Wisconsin Bed and Breakfasts? You need to meet the following qualifications:

  1. You must have a Wisconsin bed and breakfast license and have between one and eight licensed guest rooms inside your personal residence. You must actually live in the home. Living next door or elsewhere on the grounds does not qualify. (You may have other lodgings in addition to your bed and breakfast, but only B&B rooms will be featured on this site.)
  2. You must offer a complimentary (preferably full) breakfast. Otherwise stated, breakfast must be included in the stay.
  3. Your must provide copies of your current Wisconsin bed and breakfast license, sellers permit and proof of insurance. Also include a restaurant license if you have one.
  4. Guest rooms must be entered from within the house. Guest rooms with their own private entrances do not qualify -- they are motel rooms.
  5. You must be in good standing with the health department. Guest rooms and common areas should be kept immaculately clean.
  6. Warm, welcoming hospitality is the top priority.

If your B&B meets ALL of the above requirements you qualify to join Real Wisconsin Bed and Breakfasts.

Your membership is tax deductible. Membership is $150 for for your first year. Renewals are only $100.

Membership includes:

  • A 650-character description on the Find an Inn map, an interactive map that allows users to click on your inn and receive a link to your website, e-mail, phone number and thumbnail photo.
  • 4,000-character feature page describing your inn. This page also contains up to 10 photos, location map, list of amenities, list of nearby attractions, list of policies, direct links to your website, your video, e-mail and online booking.
  • Be listed on as many as 15 cities/towns within 35 miles of your inn -- even out of state cities.
  • Be featured on as many of these additional pages that apply to your B&B:
  • Specials pages (viewed most frequently by guests.)
  • State attractions pages, recipe pages, wedding page
  • Additional find an inn pages. These can net you up to 30 additional links to your feature page and will increase your visibility dramatically.
  • Get access to member's only page, which includes periodic member newsletters, optional innkeeper exchange, access to the online innkeeper community message boards, a library of industry-related articles and we will share with you the results of our yearly guest survey.
  • This website also features a guest newsletter which you have the opportunity to appear in, is mobile friendly, is marketed through Facebook, our blog and we have contracted for SEO services.
  • Be promoted through social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

    Contact Brambleberry Web Design for more information. You may also call us at (Brambleberry B&B) (608) 525-8001. There will be an additional webmaster's fee beyond membership if you are not able to load your own information onto your inn's feature page.


    We reserve the right to deny membership or renewal to any inn that has experienced numerous guest complaints.